released 04 March 2014


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Track Name: Mexico (Nuevo)
Socorro, Socorro, Socorro
Track Name: Nobodies' Whore
Don't leave no money by the bed
don't leave your shoes by the door
don't ya come callin, don't ya come cryin' don't ya come callin' me yours
I ain't nobody's whore

Don't leave no message with my father
don't bring no pleasantries don't bother
don't come back springtime, don't come back summer, don't come at all
you ain't gonna be there, I ain't gonna fall

Don't you mistake me for a lover
don't you mistake me for yours
don't you mistake me for needin' safety I got my own
& it's no mistake it ain't on
Track Name: Blue Belle Blossomme
Two cups of coffee on the nightstand,
Mornin' breaks like a winter rose
we left Amarillo before it left us cold
there was nothin' on the horizon
save blood & god & gold
& a gun she stole from her grandfather
at a fear of growin' old

so tie our blue bandanas across our arms & crosses
I'm comin' home cuttin' gravel roads gonna see them blue belle blossommes

I was nineteen when I watched her save a man from nearly drownin
I spent three seasons dreamin' of just bein' in her surroundings
just to sleep beside that saddle, stand sober in her mountains
& to hear her curse the men she's known & the men who did not ask her

You could taste our gritty, deathless West in the restless stories she told me,
Hallucinatin' in the houston heat too hot to hold cryin' hold me
"I believe in god," she said, "I just don't believe he's here"
I believe if anybody's gonna make it through this alive, it's gonna be her

so tie our blue bandanas across our arms & crosses,
I'm comin' home cuttin' gravel roads gonna see them blue belles blossomme

That horse & her cut cattle like they were raised pennin' bison
they could cut the stars outta constellations, keep the sun from risin'
she was closer to that ol' Idaho paint than she ever got to any man,
she'd tie our sheets into hackamores, whisper Amen & scream goddamn

& if desolation ever came to her, she'd kick him in his teeth
she could track down death in a desert canyon & that's where she found me
four-hundred-twenty-seven miles outta Cheyenne with the angels tuggin' at my sleeve,
"I believe in god," I said, "I just don't believe he believes in me."

so tie our blue bandanas across our arms & crosses,
I'm comin' home cuttin' gravel roads, gonna see them blue belles blossomme
Track Name: Laurel Leaves
Laurel leaves, Turquoise eyes
silver sage, unbaptized
Constance, if it's you that's callin', we'll be there tomorrow night
Laurel leaves, Turquoise eyes

Mezcal & Mentzalia, Mid-afternoon moonrise
Spring'll bring Syringia, West Twin & Paradise
Give the canyons all our love,
We'll be there tomorrow night
Mezcal & Mentzalia, Mid-afternoon moonrise

I can barely move this mornin', glad we cut kindlin' last night
Cider on the stove-top, matches by the fire
twenty years of livin' never felt so damn alive
Laurel Leaves, we'll be there tomorrow night
Track Name: Absaroka
I been readin' the bible by cigarette light,
been lookin for a poet dead enough to plagiarize
been tearin' my thumbs apart scratchin' my name
into every downed Hemlock from here to cheyenne

& the stars burn white blisters in the backs of my eyes
I'm sun-scorched & sober & uncauterized
& you could trail me like Ephraim through the Absaroka hills
to the canyons I fell through like handsahkes & deals

& they don't build white fences & the don't build white homes
& heaven ain't built big enough for my kind to roam
so step softly in the sugar pines, light lightly in the oak
I'm too tired for sleepin' I'm too young for the cold

unravel my restlessness, cinch me down tight
lead me to the Clearwater weep when I die