The Small Night

by An American Forrest

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I dreamed Jimmie Rodgers' reefer haze,
the walls alive in southern stagnation, like the inside of some
great, dark beast,
all teeth and digestive
whiskey to keep it at bay.
We're running, now, like Hemingway's broke-legged horses
watching the rifle load, defeated curiosity in our eyes.

Alabama's shaking. We breathe excited air in the small night.


released April 26, 2012

Produced & Engineered by Bart Budwig at Blue Box Studios in Moscow, ID.

Players: Alex Forrest, Bart Budwig, Julian Stocking, Jesse Wityczak, Heather Hagan, and Kady Bogard




An American Forrest Oregon

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Track Name: Texas & The Tide
Honey get the hell outta Texas
Honey, I been waitin' too long
Honey, get the hell outta Texas
Shoulda learned better, shoulda known you don't belong

Honey, my bed is restless.
Honey, my head's a breaking storm.
Honey, my bed is restless-
and you been reckless since the day I was born

"I ain't seen ya since summer passed."
"I ain't seen you since summer last."
"I ain't seen ya since this town's been dry."
"I ain't seen ya since Hannah died."

Honey, find the next train & catch it
Honey, come fill my lonesome arms
Honey, find the next train & catch it
Lord knows they ain't never made a love like ours.
Track Name: Maria, It's Probably Not Just The Weather
Is it all right if I call you tomorrow? I haven't had a cigarette since... Sunday night. And I been up late, watching Casablanca, and I always lose track of how fast the time goes by.

Is it all right if I stop by tomorrow? It's hard to find your face in a night this small. And the Mexican station is drowning in cross-talk & vibrato... and my cigarettes they're dried up and burnin' me raw.

{It's a lie for a lie/and a truth for a truth/I can't seem to keep my mind off of you}

Is it all right if I wake up here tomorrow? I got a funny feeling you know what's on my mind... cuz you spent your whole life breathing beneath a blanket of sorrow... and darlin', I can't say that sounds too much different from mine.

"Maria, I just miss the sound of your voice...
you're a trustworthy kid, and I'm a lonely boy.
With a mouth full of myth & a head full of noise...
there's a rhythm in your ribs, a song I can't destroy."
Track Name: Poor Man's Son (Another Country Song)
Brightest night of July,
the first time I got high
On the spinnin' explodin' fireworks
reflected in your eyes
You said a Telecaster twang &
a Reverb Twin
would set your walls on fire,
make your heart cave in.

Kept my eyes wide open,
as the sun went down,
I'd been the king of the west
until they stole my crown,
now I'm prayin' I ain't
just another country song
but I know every night I play
just another day gone

Never needed much as far as money.
Never needed much as far as love.
With a band as hot as The Hawks, and a
train that don't stop,
I'm glad I was born a Poor Man's Son.

There's Canyons in my heart
where the river once flowed
the amplifier's dark
where the tubes once glowed
that Telecaster's twangin' like
rusted nails or the
screamin' of steel when a train derails

I was just this side of Damnation
when she took me in
I spent a long time waitin
to get tossed out again
and when I finally was
she gave no vinegar or piss
she just handed my my guitar
said get back to what you miss

I never needed much...

Followed that sunset back to Cody, Wyo
caught the dust of Oklahoma
from my grandfather's throat
I plugged that telecaster in
as the big lights glowed
and that Reverb rang with the sweetest twang
anybody's ever knowed

It only takes one cigarette, a window half unrolled,
An ashtray full of regret, a memory full of hope;
for the patron saints of restlessness,
and the never-ending road
I raise a half a glass of heartache,
and a word that rhymes with home.

We never needed much as far as money.
We never needed much as far as love.
With a Band as hot as The Hawks, and a train that don't stop,
I'm glad I was born a Poor Man's Son.
Track Name: Keep That Coffee On All Night
Keep that coffee on all night:

Keep that rib cage creakin'.
Keep these blood eyes shot.
Keep these keys a-bleedin'.
Keep these tendon's taught.

Keep these demons dreamin'.
Keep these creepin' thoughts.
Keep these arms from screamin'.
Keep these ashes hot.

Keep that coffee on all night.